fredag 27 maj 2016

The Hunger Games

The hunger games is the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy. The books is about the main character Katniss Everdeen who lives with her mother, hers sister Prim and their lazy cat Buttercup in district 12. Her dad died years ago in an accident in a cave. District 12 is a very poor district so Kantiss learnt to shoot with a bow when her dad lived so now when he is dead she is the one who supply the family with food that she hunt down.

Every year shall 1 young woman and 1 man from every district raffled out to compete in the hunger games where only 1 man or woman can walk out alive and everything is direct broadcast live so the districts can see how it goes. It is the 74th year the hunger games is live and Katniss sister Prim was the chosen one but Katniss is getting voluntary instead of Prim together with Peeta the baker’s son.

I think it was very worth to read the book because it has more than only one theme. It got almost everything, from love to action and it’s never a quiet time. It’s happening something everytime and everywhere even outside the game and when you read the book it’s almost like you are a character in the book and you think you know everything about for example Katniss. When you see the cover of the book you don’t really know that there is going to be alot of blood and murder in the book mixed up with love and heartbreaking moments.

The book is definitely a science fiction book mixed up with a lot of drama and some thriller and i think the books story is very unlikely to happend because it’s very unrealistic that the government would like to see young women and men fight for their life only because the government needs to show who is in charge and have the power. Although the book is very unreal I think it’s a very good book and there are 2 more books to read so I look forward to read the other books to because the ending was really exciting and you really want to know how to book will continue.

Aksel Burman. Peer corrected by Kevin Hedberg, Simon Magnusson, and Ahmed Qutati. NATE15

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