onsdag 25 maj 2016


”Belzhar” is about a girl named Jamaica who is called Jam. Jam fell in love with Reeve Maxfield, a british boy who also fell in love with Jam. Everything was fine in her life until Reeve Maxifield died. Jam’s world fell apart and she didn’t know how to deal with her life anymore. She got in to a therapeutic boarding school called ”The Wooden Barn ”. It was a school for ”sensitive” student’s who has gone through alot or is in a sort of depression. In ”The Wooden Barn” there is a class called ’’Special Topics of English”. Jam and five other kids had been signed up to this class without their permission. Everyone in the class got a old journal with blank pages to write their thoughts in. This journal was magical and took these students to another universe, were there was no sorrow or greaf.

A person that is going through or had a rough time in their life should definitely read this book. Also people who hasn’t had a depression or a rough time should read this book, beacause this book has a really good story and it is an easy book to like and enjoy. You get a good understanding of the characters in the book because they are described with such many details. I really liked how Meg Wolitzer wrote this book, and think that everyone should read it. This book is very unique.

Saskia Wickihalder Pettersson. Peer corrected by Nellie Rönnqvist, Linnéa Kårström, and Emilia Bengtsson. EKES15

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