tisdag 24 maj 2016

Me before you

Me before you, written by Jojo Moyes, is about a girl named Louisa Clark who lives a boring life with a boring boyfriend. One day she lost her job at the cafe because the owner decided to shut it down. She’s a twenty-six-year-old girl who lives at home with her mom, dad and her grandpa. The family is not so wealthy so Louisa wants to get a new job so that she can provide for her family. She gets a job as a personal carer for a paralyzed man who´s wheelchair bound.

Will Traynor is a man who lived his dream life, he had the perfect job and the girl he thought he had always dreamed of until one day when his life turned upside down. What he doesn't know is that one girl is going to change his life.

This book is for you if you really like love stories and even though it looks like a difficult book to finish it isn't.

Nellie Rosén. Peer corrected by Tilda Lindström, Eric Baumeister, and Erik Bernhardsson. EKES15

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