onsdag 25 maj 2016

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is a book about a boy named Billy. He lives with his family in a small town in England. His has one brother tony, his father Jackie and his grandmother witch he calls nanny. They live together without belly’s mother because she has passed away.

Billy used to box for sport and did dent quite enjoy doing it because he was doing it to make his father happy. But one-day billy tries ballet with some girls that practise near his boxing ring. And from that day his curiosity and interest in ballet grows step by step and he faces life changing experiences.

This book is very easy to read even though I found its English very rare because the characters in the book word like “nanny” for grandmother or “mi mam” for my mother.

The story in this book is very riveting and keeps you interested because it isn’t hard to relate to it. That’s why I can freely recommend this book to any one unless you’re living in realty that pleases you in every way. I rate this book 8.5 out of 10.

Selihom Berhane. Peer corrected by Gustav Lind, Arsen Tuganov, and Hugo Norlin. EKES15

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