fredag 27 maj 2016

Girl Missing

This book is about a little girl called Martha Lauren. Lauren was originally from America and kidnapped from her biological parents by a women called Sonia, when she was three years old. Afterwards she was adopted by a Londoner family. As soon as Lauren she grew up, started asking questions about her birth family, however her adoptive parents told her that she is not entitled to know, who her parents were due to her closed adoption.

As a result of that Lauren decided to find her real parents by any means without any help from her adoptive parents. But she instead asked a helping hand her close friend Jam. Both Lauren and Jam traveled to America to get to know who Laurens' real parents were. There in America Jam and Lauren got hosted by Sonia several times. Sonia tried to kill the teens every chance she got but fortunately they got a helping hand from an outsider.

This book is one of Sophie McKenzie’s best books ever and it won lot of awards in 2007 and 2008. Some memorable awards are Manchester Book 7award, Red House Children’s book for Older Readers and more. This novel is most interesting book I have ever read and it is also very easy to read. I feel this book is suitable for anyone who can read English. This thriller is for you if you are somebody who wants to know about love, friendship, how adopted child may think or what they may do. So do not wait go, grab the book and enjoy reading it.

Abdala Mohamed. Peer corrected by Aho Miro. NATE15

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