måndag 23 maj 2016

The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian

Sherman Alexie´s novel “The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian” is a book about an Indian teenage boy who lives a pretty tough life in an Indian reservation with poverty and alcoholics parents. Arnold also called “junior” realised that he has to leave the reservation to get a decent education and he does it, he starts a new life in a school in Reardan twenty-two miles far away with only “white humans”. When he is traveling between the Indian reservation and Reardan he starts to feel like a “Part time Indian”, if you read this book you will have a funny time to see how this will end.

This is the funniest and saddest book I have ever read on the same time because it so sad so it gets funny. The book feels like a conversation between you and your best friend and because he makes you really got in to the book, and its help you to remind the book much better.

First of all, I will recommend this book to some teenage boys mainly because I don´t think that this is a sort of girl humour in this book, but if you’re a girl and you have this sort of humour it will be perfect. And then I can really recommend this book for someone that have hard to understand the whole story of a book and then write a book report, it´s a pretty easy language and funny on the same time.

I would like to end this book recommendation to say that if you would read a funny book and have a pretty language and also learn lots of new words and sentences on Engĺish choose this one i promise you will not regret you.

Hugo Norlin. Peer corrected by Gustav Lind, Selihom Berhane, Arsen Tuganov. EKES15

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