torsdag 26 maj 2016

Me before you

Jojo Moyes novel ”Me Before You” is a love story and a family story about Lousia Clark, a 26-year-old girl who lives a small village together with her parents . When the café Louisa works on closes down she has to find a new job. At the job center they offer her a job as a carer. Her patient is Will Traynor, a man who got paralyzed after being hit by a motorcycle. When Lousia steps in to his life he is pretty miserable, he refuses to accept his condition and he makes it hard for her to help him. As the book proceeds Will and Louisa´s relationship grows stronger and they get closer to each other. It might sound like this is a typical love story but there is a catch. Will has made a choice, he has decided to live for only the next six months.

I recommend this novel to both adults and teenagers. It is an extraordinary book that is really important for the community. I promise that everyone who reads it will love it.

Nellie Rönnqvist. Peer corrected by Saskia Wickihalder Pettersson, Linnéa Kårström, and Emilia Bengtsson. EKES15

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