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18 years ago a boy disappeared and was never found, even though the murderer confessed the killings. The boy was the main character Steven’s uncle, and Steven is now determined to find the body of his uncle. When he and his friend starts digging for the body on the local moor without any luck, they decide that they need more than just luck to solve the case. But to do this a big risk has to be taken.

Steven decides to play with his fate and writes a letter to the murderer asking about help. The murderer writes back and tells Steven that he does not know where the body is, and that he wants to be left alone. But little does Steven know, a cat and mouse game between the two has just begun.

This thriller offers a deep, developing story from both the main character and the murderers perspective that often will make you wonder what happens next. I think that this makes the book a lot better, since it gives it a more realistic feeling to the characters. At some points the book is quite slow, but once the story develops towards the middle, it makes you want to read more. The way that Steven develops from a normal boy to someone with courage who is eager to find out the truth is told in an excellent way.

If you like dark and mysterious stories, I would definately recommend this book to you, and even if you don't, I would still recommend it, since the character developments are great, and the way that the story is told from two perspectives makes the book twice as good. This book suits teenagers just as good as it suits adults. Even though I'm not a big reader myself, I still thought that it was worth the read, simply because I enjoy these types of stories and because of the way that it was written.

Simon Magnusson.Peer corrected by Kevin Hedberg, Aksel Burman and Ahmed Qutati. NATE15 

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