torsdag 2 juni 2016

The Notebook

Nicholas Spark´s book The Notebook is only one of his many well-known love stories. This love story mainly focuses on the concept of true love conquering all and how the love between two people can be so strong that they are willing to do anything for each other.

The Notebook takes you through the life of a young man named Noah Calhoun and we also get to experience all the situations and events that he goes through. The story takes place in a quiet small southern town in America where Noah lives with his supportive father and works in a lumber mill.

One warm summer a beautiful young woman comes to visit the town with her rich family and Noah soon gets to know her. The young woman´s name Noah had met was Allie Nelson and she was visiting town with her rich family because of the cotton farms they owned in town. Noah and Allie spent the whole summer together and under that time, they fell in love. However, their young love was cut short when her family decided to move back to the city and Noah and Allie were forced to separate.

Years later, Allie sees a photo of Noah in the newspaper and she feels that something inside her was reignited and gets the urge to visit Noah once more. The only problem is, she is already engaged to another man.

One good thing I liked about the book was that Noah often comments on the situations he´s in and expresses how he feels about it. This allows the reader to always know how Noah feels and just makes the character more believable.

I especially loved how the story described the characters very well and that really made me interested and made me care about the characters. They were not just some imaginary character that weren´t real, but actually felt like a genuine person. I also really enjoyed how every chapter in the book ended on an interesting note and this always made me wanting more and continue reading.

I would recommend this book to a more mature audience like teens, young adults or even adults, because of how the book mainly focuses on the subject of love and relationships. I feel that you could relate to most of the events since the characters always felt genuine and real.

Nicholas Sparks is a fantastic book writer that writes great love stories and in my opinion, The Notebook is one of his finest works. This book would suit perfectly for anyone looking for a satisfying read about the effects of true love.

Alexandre Bezobrazov
. Peer corrected by Edvin Basic, Sebastian Jandrén, and Moa Näsman. NATE15

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