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Fifty shades of grey

E.L James book Fifty shades of grey is about a girl who is studying English literature named Anastasia Steele. Anastasia is the perfect definition of an ordinary girl, she isn’t ugly, she isn’t extra good looking she isn’t rich or pore, she is mediocre. Anastasia meets the rich, handsome entrepreneur Christian Grey and gets kind of obsessed with him and his power.

Anastasia is a 21 year-old college student at Washington State University in Vancouver. She lives with her best friend Kate in a small apartment. Kate writes the student newsletter and has planned an interview with the rich entrepreneur Christian Grey. Kate gets sick so Anastasia do the interview for Kate and after that all Ana can think of is Christian.

Ana decides to stop thinking about him because she understands that she isn’t going to meet him again until one day when he steps in to her work and needs tape and lace. They talk to each other and decides to meet and take pictures of Christian for the interview. After the photos has been taken Christian asks Ana out to drink coffee. Once there Christian asks Ana a bit of her family but never tell something about himself he acts very mysteriously. Christian asks Ana if she is a romantic person, Ana say that she is and then Christian tells her he can`t do that and walks out of the café. But that isn’t the last time they talk to each-other.

The whole book trough it is like a cat and dog play. Ana wants Grey to fall in love with him and try to do everything so he does but Christian wants to control Ana he wants Ana to be his submissive.

I think the book is good because you all the time wants to know more and more of what is going to happen. If Christian going to fall in love and let go of his control needs or if Anastasia let him use her as a submissive. The book is the first book in a trilogy that all is about Anastasia and Christians relationship. E.L James have also write a book about their relationship trough Christians perspective.

The first book Fifty shades of grey was published 2011

The second book Fifty shades darker was published 2012

The third book Fifty shades freed was published 2012

The book Grey was published 2015

Wilma Schlömer. Peer corrected by Lisa Nordahl, and Alma Swärdh. NATE15

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