torsdag 19 maj 2016

The secret life of bees

The book is about Lily who is running away from home with her housekeeper Rosaleen. They run away to the Pink house to found out what happend to Lilys mother. They run away because Lily think that her father is lying about her mother’s death and tired of being bullied by her own father.

Lily is a very interesting person because she is so curious about things and is not scared to take hold of that she wants to know about.

The story was well written and I just wanted to turn pages. I don't have a favortite part of the book beacuse I thought the whole book were lovely. It both maked me lught and cry.

The end of the book was very dramatic. Lilys father showes up at the pink house and want to bring Lily home. But he is not acting normal at all.

I reccommend this book to people who is in pretty good at english becuase it is a rather hard reading and content. But I think everyone who has the possibility needs to read it.

Ella Haglund. Peer corrected by André Johansson Mina Englund, and Ture Rosén. EKES15

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