fredag 20 maj 2016


This book is about Stanley Yelnats he got sent to camp green lake for something he didn’t do. The camp is not a regular camp is a place where u send bad boys and make them good by digging holes in the hot sun.

At camp green lake the warden makes them build character by digging holes five feet wide and five feet deep every day. Soon Stanley finds out is not just about digging holes it is almost like they are searching for something.

Stanley makes friends and he also gets the nickname “Caveman” there is one odd and mysterious boy that Stanley wants to figure out and that’s Zero. And soon enough he gets the chance.

It is full of adventure and questions had me up at night trying to figure everything out. I also enjoyed that there was a story, behind a story, behind a story and they all fit together like a puzzle.

I recommend this book because it has a good structure, not to revealing but still very interesting and the more you read the more you understand.

Arsen Tuganov. Peer corrected by Gustav Lind, Selihom Berhane, and Hugo Norlin. EKES15

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